Modular Wastewater Training System - International Edition with 63 magnetic picture cards
The Modular Wastewater Training System - International Edition is an innovative interactive training tool for hands-on learning of wastewater processes. It is listed as competition material for "WorldSkills" 2022, Skill 55 Water Technology.Since 2010 the DWA Modular Wastewater Training concept has prooven itself very useful for teachers, trainers, students as well as operational staff. All the important stages of wastewater treatment are vividly depicted on 63 magnetic picture cards. On a flipchart or whiteboard you can quickly and easily “reconstruct“ the complex processes, test your knowledge or organize group work.

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Fit in wastewater technology? Revised Edition June 2021
This workbook was written by professionals for professionals. It is not a classic textbook. Achim Höcherl, an experienced trainer and expert, developed „Fit in Wastewater Technology“ based on his idea of the Modular Wastewater Training System. The aim of the tasks is - as with the Modular Training System - to achieve holistic learning. That means learning with all senses - with head, heart and hand.

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Activated Sludge Expert with Aeration
The combined version includes both the calculation to DWA-A 131 (June 2016) for the design and recalculation of single-stage activated sludge plants as well as additionally the design and recalculation of pressurized aeration systems according to DWA-M 229-1.

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Guideline DWA-M 277 - Information on design of systems for the treatment and reuse of greywater and greywater partial flows - October 2017
The present Guideline provides information and assistance for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of greywater treatment and reuse systems for different applications.

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DWA-Topics - Non-Potable Water Reuse - Development, Technologies and International Framework for Agricultural, Urban and Industrial Uses - June 2019
This report is intended to provide general guidance for water utilities, consulting engineers and regulatory agencies for planning and expanding non-potable water reuse as an alternative freshwater supply, in particular for agricultural irrigation, urban landscape irrigation and other urban uses, and industrial practices.

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DWA-Topics T4/2016 - Design of wastewater treatment plants in hot and cold climates (EXPOVAL) - corrected version May 2019
The design of wastewater and sludge treatment plants under deviating wastewater and climatic conditions in other countries requires an amendment of existing design rules compliant to the DWA Set of Rules, which have been primarily developed for Central European conditions. This concerns, for example, the consideration of high or low wastewater temperatures, increased salt content or special discharge requirements.

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Trulli the little waterdrop
Trulli 3 in Englisch - Together with his friends he has to struggle with dangerous situations caused by wet wipes, bits of food, pills and blocked pumps.

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Guideline DWA-M 1060E - IT-Security - Standard for Water Supply/Wastewater Utilities - August 2017
In the context of risk management, this Guideline together with the IT Security Code of Practice - in consideration of the legal requirements - serves as an industry-specific security standard for determining measures to protect information technology systems, components or processes of installations from failure or manipulation. Following the recommendations of both, this Guideline and the IT Security Code of Practice, can help reduce the risk of impairment of public services caused by an abstract hazard, i.e. a hazard likely to occur in the light of actual findings

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DWA-A 161E - Static calculation of Jacking Pipes - March 2014, corrected version March 2021
This standard applies to the structural calculation of pipes with a circular cross-section which are installed according to the pipe jacking method in a straight or bending direction in non-cohesive or cohesive soils (loose soils as according to DIN 18319) with static force in accordance with Standard DWA-A 125/DVGW GW 304. For jacking in solid rock, either wholly or in part, there is no standard solution in this regard, instead, special considerations are to be made; for example application of smaller bearing angles and earth load over the pipe crest.

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Standard DWA-A 262 - Principles for Dimensioning, Construction and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants with Planted and Unplanted Filters for Treatment of Domestic and Municipal Wastewater - November 2017
This Standard sets out a common basis for the design, construction, and operation of planted and unplanted filters for biological treatment of municipal wastewater. Wastewater treatment with planted and unplanted filters is characterized by a simple structural design, a simple mode of operation, a low production of biomass and secondary sludge, a low use of external energy, and a high treatment efficiency, even for treatment systems with a small number of sewer connections.

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Learning cards show the stations of wastewater treatment - 63 cards, size 59 x 91
Take-with-knowledge” for trainees! A set of learning cards (63 cards, size A7) showing the most fundamental process sequences of wastewater treatment. On the back of these learning cards, all of the important information like guide values or calculation formulas is given. Learning with fun and effortless ease! Specially designed cards show the stations of wastewater treatment respectively the stations of water, waste and energy. 63 flashcards, size A7.63 Magnetic picture cards (DIN A6) for presentation on whiteboards. Each card is labeled discretely in English and has space to add the heading term in your language manualy.

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Plain talking - facts and figures
This booklet might contribute to a more regardful, economical and considerate interaction with this precious resource of ours.

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Standard DWA-A 216E - Energy Check and Energy Analysis - Instruments to Optimise the Energy Usage of Wastewater Systems - December 2015
This Standard introduces the energy check and energy analysis as instruments for energy optimisation of wastewater systems and formulates requirements for their execution. The scope of application covers wastewater treatment plants and wastewater collecting.

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Guideline DWA-M 608-1E - Muskrat, beaver, nutria - Part 1: Indentification features and ways of life - August 2017
In Guideline DWA-M 608-1 the identification characteristics and lifestyles of muskrat, beaver and nutria are described in detail. To avoid confusion, the identification of otter, mink, Norway rat and water vole are also briefly characterised.

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straight out - how water becomes clean
Booklet: Entertaining and fun illustrated short stories that help explain kids, what happens to their wastewater. For children in elementary school.

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Biogas Plant Training System - 84 magnets and 35 magnetic cards DIN A6 - Each card labelled in German/English
The Biogas Plant Training System was designed for trainers and instructors aiming at illustrating complex situations in a plain and easy way. Easy understanding questions and memorable answers about biogas plants construction, its chemical processes and its technology issued at 119 bilingual magnetic illustrations and diagrams.

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Manual operational analysis
Eine Einführung in die gängigsten Messverfahren zur Überwachung der Abwasser- und Schlammbehandlung. Es werden die grundlegenden Techniken der Probenahme, der Probenbehandlung und der Messung vermittelt. Die verschiedenen Messungen und Tests werden übersichtlich beschrieben, ebenso die benötigte Ausrüstung, Probenart, Durchführung und Auswertung. Anschauliche Beispiele mit nachvollziehbaren Berichtsbeispielen veranschaulichen das Vorgehen und die Ergebnisse.

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DWA-A 131CN - Dimensioning of Single-stage Activated Sludge Plants - June 2016 (Chinese translation August 2022)
Using the dimensioning values recommended in this Standard, the minimum requirements for municipal wastewater with single-stage activated sludge plants can be met or bettered at national level. In contrast to earlier editions, in which the dimensioning procedure for nitrifying and denitrifying activated sludge plants was based on the measured BOD5 load, the design is now based exclusively on the COD load.

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Trulli the little water drop, 3rd edition 2016
This is the first part of a story telling the adventures of Trulli, the little water drop, who takes preschool and primary school children for a ride through his universe

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Guideline DWA-M 514 - Dam Surveillance - July 2011; check 2016 approved by experts
The principles of dam monitoring are dealt with in detail, with regard to both the technical and the human side of the topic, supplemented by issues like structural assessment, sensor technology, automation, data management, and others.

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Guideline DWA-M 366E - Mechanical Dewatering of Sewage Sludge - February 2013
This Guideline summarises commonly used systems as well as their dewatering efficiency and cost effectiveness. Furthermore, it presents information on operational requirements and conditions, particularly in regard to the conditioning process required prior to mechanical dewatering.

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Guideline DWA-M 512-1E - Sealing Systems in Hydraulic Engineering, Part 1: Earthwork Structures - February 2012; check 2016 approved by experts
It covers surface and internal sealing systems for soil structures in hydraulic engineering as they are applied in practice.

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Fiche Technique DWA-A 143-3 -Réhabilitation des systèmes de drainage à l‘extérieur des bâtiments Partie 3: Chemises durcies sur place - Mai 2014
La fi che de travail DWA-A 143-3 est applicable pour la rénovation des systèmes de drainage à l’extérieur des bâtiments, exploités principalement en tant que systèmes à écoulement libre. Lors du chemisage, un boyau fl exible composé de matériau support et/ou de renfort, qui peut être doté de films/revêtements, est imprégné de résine réactive avant d’être introduit dans la canalisation en étant retourné (inversé) ou à l’aide d’un treuil, en passant par un regard et sous la poussée d’eau ou d’air comprimé.

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Guideline DWA-M 386E - Thermal Treatment of Sewage Slugde - Mono-Incineration - December 2011
For planners and operators of mono-incineration plants, this Advisory Guideline shall supply a basis for the determination about concepts during the planning phase and for decisions on Investments for the construction of new plants. This Advisory Guideline also supplies important information for machinery manufacturers and plant engineers.

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