Learning cards show the stations of wastewater treatment - 63 cards, size 59 x 91

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Take-with-knowledge” for trainees!

A set of learning cards (63 cards, size A7) showing the most fundamental process sequences of wastewater treatment. On the back of these learning cards, all of the important information like guide values or calculation formulas is given.

Learning with fun and effortless ease!

Specially designed cards show the stations of wastewater treatment respectively the stations of water, waste and energy.

63 flashcards, size A7.

multipack: we offer the learning cards with a discount: if you buy 5 sets you will pay only 192,50 € (38,50 €/each). Corporate members of the DWA get a discount of 20%.
Ausgabe: April 2018
Format: Sonderformat
Gruppe: Education
Kategorie: Further Publications
Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA

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