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Standard DWA-A 131CN - Dimensioning of Single-stage Activated Sludge Plants - June 2016 (Simplified Chinese translation April 2024)
Using the dimensioning values recommended in this Standard, the minimum requirements for municipal wastewater with single-stage activated sludge plants can be met or bettered at national level. In contrast to earlier editions, in which the dimensioning procedure for nitrifying and denitrifying activated sludge plants was based on the measured BOD5 load, the design is now based exclusively on the COD load.
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DWA-A 143-3 CN cure-in-place pipes (5/2014)
Standard DWA-A 143-3 (Chinese Translation) - Rehabilitation of Drainage Systems outside Buildings, Part 3: Lining with cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) - May 2014
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Guideline DWA-M 144-3CN- Supplementary Technical Contract Conditions (ZTV) for the Rehabilitation of Drainage Systems outside of Buildings - Part 3: Renovation with Hose Liner Process (locally cured hose liner) for Sewers - November 2012
Damaged drains and sewers represent a hazard to the environment, especially the groundwater and soil. Various experiences have been made in rehabilitating damage using renovation processes with locally cured hose liners.
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Sewage works operator pocket book (chinese)
Sewage works operator pocket book (chinese version) 14. German edition translated to Chinese 2000
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