Guideline DWA-M 514 - Dam Surveillance - July 2011; check 2016 approved by experts
The principles of dam monitoring are dealt with in detail, with regard to both the technical and the human side of the topic, supplemented by issues like structural assessment, sensor technology, automation, data management, and others.

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Guideline DWA-M 512-1E - Sealing Systems in Hydraulic Engineering, Part 1: Earthwork Structures - February 2012; check 2016 approved by experts
It covers surface and internal sealing systems for soil structures in hydraulic engineering as they are applied in practice.

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Guideline DWA-M 507-1E - Levees Built Along Watercourses - Part 1: Planning, Construction and Operation - December 2011; check 2016 approved by experts
The leaflet’s span of application was extended from ‘Levees’ to ‘Levees built along watercourses: Introduced to this end was a classification system that categorises the levees by height and inherent risk potential, therewith covering a bandwidth of vital aspects of the involved design and engineering work.

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DWA-Topics - Fish Protection Technologies and Downstream Fishways - Dimensioning, Design, Effectiveness, Inspection - July 2005
This book completes DVWK M 232 „Fish Passes - Design, Dimensions and Monitoring” and presents fish protection and downstream fishways which are available national and international.

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ATV-DVWK-M 503E - Basic Information on Investigation and Remediation of Tailings Impoundments - December 2001
The focus of this advisory leaflet is thus on the plant safety from a constructional and hydraulic engineering point of view

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