Trulli the little waterdrop
Trulli 3 in Englisch - Together with his friends he has to struggle with dangerous situations caused by wet wipes, bits of food, pills and blocked pumps.

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DWA-A 161E - Static calculation of Jacking Pipes - March 2014, corrected version March 2021
This standard applies to the structural calculation of pipes with a circular cross-section which are installed according to the pipe jacking method in a straight or bending direction in non-cohesive or cohesive soils (loose soils as according to DIN 18319) with static force in accordance with Standard DWA-A 125/DVGW GW 304. For jacking in solid rock, either wholly or in part, there is no standard solution in this regard, instead, special considerations are to be made; for example application of smaller bearing angles and earth load over the pipe crest.

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Plain talking - facts and figures
This booklet might contribute to a more regardful, economical and considerate interaction with this precious resource of ours.

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straight out - how water becomes clean
Booklet: Entertaining and fun illustrated short stories that help explain kids, what happens to their wastewater. For children in elementary school.

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DWA-A 199-1E - Service and Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems - Part 1: Service Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems - November 2011; check 2017 approved by experts
Operators of wastewater facilities shall establish service and operating instructions tailored to their respective circumstances in order to adhere to the requirements especially of § 57 of the German Water Resources Management Law (WHG) and in order to meet the minimum requirements of the self-inspection or self-monitoring ordinances of Germany's federal states.

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Guideline DWA-M 144-3E - Supplementary Technical Contract Conditions (ZTV) for the Rehabilitation of Drainage Systems outside of Buildings - Part 3: Renovation with Hose Liner Process (locally cured hose liner) for Sewers - November 2012
The supplementary technical contract conditions for local curing of hose liners deals with the renovation of drains and sewers outside of buildings, insofar as these drains and sewers are operated as open channel systems.

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In Plain Language - Sanitation Systems
The gradual conversion of existing systems to NASS presents a challenge, thus carrying out further NASS pilot projects is an essential prerequisite for long term implementation.

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Hydraulics Expert Professional - Hydraulic Calculations of Sewer and Special Structures according to DWA-A 110, DWA-A 111, DWA-A 112 - Version 3.3 - August 2016
Suitable for engineers who carry out detailed hydraulic dimensioning and verification of storm water overflow installations in sewers and special structures. They take advantage of the features of the professional version. On our website you can find detailed information like updates or screenshots and a free demo version.

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Hydraulics Expert - Hydraulic Calculations of Sewer and Special Structures according to DWA-A 110 - Version 3.3 - August 2016
Hydraulic calculation of sewer and special structures according to the Standards DWA-A 110, DWA-A 111 and DWA-A 112. The standardversion meets the basic needs for hydraulic dimensioning and verification of sewers and drains. For more detailed information, screenshots and a free demo version you can join our website.

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Statics Expert Module Pipe Jacking
Driven Pipes can be statically designed using the calculation module Pipe Jacking

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Statics Experts module Rehabilitation based on DWA-A 143-2
This calculation module describes the verification of existing pipe conditions I-III by means of the Finite Elements Method (FEM) according to second order theory and prescribes a partial safety concept.

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DWA-A 125E - Pipe Jacking and Related Techniques - December 2008; including correction September 2020
This Standard deals with the underground installation of pre-fabricated pipes with different geometry of the cross-section. During the installation, a cavity is created in the ground by displacing, ramming, drilling, pressing or other installation. The pipes are pulled, pushed or pressed into this cavity or existing sewers or pipelines are passed and/or replaced.

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Guideline DWA-M 149-4E -Conditions and Assessment of Drain and Sewer Systems Outside Buildings - Part 4: Detection of Bedding Defects and Cavities by Means of Geographical Techniques - July 2008; check 2017 approved by experts
The Advisory Leaflet makes recommendations and provides information on measuring techniques, by means of which bedding defects and cavities can be detected in the surrounding of earth-buried pipelines. It describes possible applications and application limits of the measurement methods ground-penetrating radar (GPR), geoelectricity as well as seismic technology.

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DWA-A 118E -Hydraulic Dimensioning and Verification of Drain and Sewer Systems - March 2006 incl. correction July 2012
This DWA Standard concerns the dimensioning and verification of drain and sewer systems, which are mainly operated as gravity systems and which serve for the discharge of domestic and industrial wastewater, surface water and combined wastewater.

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DWA-A 100E - Guidelines of Integrated Urban Drainage (IUD) - December 2006
As a framework of action concerning the detailed regulations for urban drainage, this Standard is intended to ensure comprehensive processing as "integrated urban drainage".In this way, the approach and further development of integrated urban drainage according to consistent guidelines as well as the coordination of the single topics are to be ensured. At the same time the recommended measures intend to systematically create scopes for a flexible selection of technical solutions, measures and constructional systems. The development, dimensioning and constructive design as well as the operation of measures and systems is respectively dealt with in individual guidelines within the rules and standards.

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Guideline DWA-M 180E -Framework for Planning of Real Time Control of Sewer Networks - December 2005
The Advisory Leaflet discusses significant questions in the context of real time control concerning sewage discharge, stormwater treatment in separate sewers (overflow of contaminated fraction into combined sewers) and sewage treatment in combined sewage networks.

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DWA-A 138E - Planning, Construction and Operation of Facilities for the Percolation of Precipitation Water - April 2005
The Standard provides planners, owners of buildings and authorities with an overview of the currently known measures and facilities for the percolation of precipitation water which have proved themselves in practice.

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ATV-DVWK-A 198E -Standardisation and Derivation of Dimensioning Values of Wastewater Facilities - April 2003
This Standard is concerned with the definition, collection, evaluation and examination of data as well as with the subsequent derivation of dimensioning values based on these for wastewater treatment plants and drainage systems.

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Standard ATV-A 200E - Principles for the Disposal of Wastewater in Rurally Structured Areas - May 1997
This Standard indicates possibilities for the economic realisation of an ordered disposal of wastewater in rurally structured regions.In this respect proposals for cost reduction, which have often not been taken into account, have been summarised without restricting the design possibilities through new detailed prerequisites. is the preparation and listing.

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