Guideline DWA-M 514 - Dam Surveillance - July 2011; check 2016 approved by experts

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Produktnummer: M 514E-11
The principles of dam monitoring are dealt with in detail, with regard to both the technical and the human side of the topic, supplemented by issues like structural assessment, sensor technology, automation, data management, and others. Included are generally valid and noteworthy criteria and points for the most commonly applied measuring procedures and systems, with special focus on the structure-related objective to be met by a specific measuring operation and the minimisation of error sources. Furthermore, recommendations are made in respect of the instrumentation and frequency of measuring procedures and measuring systems as employed in the most common types of dam structures in Germany. Added have been two further chapters dealing with monitoring of ancillary concrete structures and other objects appurtenant of the dam, providing information on how to apply the Guideline also for other dams from the scope of standard DIN 19700.
A new edition has been published in German in 2024.
Ausgabe: April 2016
Format: A4
Gruppe: Hydraulic Engineering and Hydro Power
ISBN: 978-3-942964-54-8
Kategorie: Rules and Standards
Seitenzahl: 77
Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA
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