Guideline DWA-M 1060E - IT-Security - Standard for Water Supply/Wastewater Utilities - August 2017
In the context of risk management, this Guideline together with the IT Security Code of Practice - in consideration of the legal requirements - serves as an industry-specific security standard for determining measures to protect information technology systems, components or processes of installations from failure or manipulation. Following the recommendations of both, this Guideline and the IT Security Code of Practice, can help reduce the risk of impairment of public services caused by an abstract hazard, i.e. a hazard likely to occur in the light of actual findings

Guideline DWA-M 803E - Cost Structures in Wastewater Engineering - November 2006
The Advisory Leaflet provides the preconditions for the collection of investment costs and operating costs as well as any relevant technical information about the lifetime of the project in a standardized and constant form.

Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculations for selecting least-cost projects in Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal DCCC - Appraisal Manual for Project Designers -
This manual is an adopted version based on German standards, as documented in the regularly updated “Guidelines for the Application of Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculations (DCCC-Guidelines)“.