Practical Guideline Operational Problems in Wastewater Treatment Plants - Handbook for the operation of wastewater treatment plants


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The publication entitled ‘Operational Problems in Wastewater Treatment Plants – A Handbook for the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants’ offers a practice guideline for troubleshooting operational deterioration in wastewater treatment plants. It is a useful tool for wastewater treatment plants’ operators helping them to optimize daily operations, to troubleshoot operational problems and to even improve certain processes thus possibly increasing the plant’s efficiency.

The authors are acknowledged experts with essential practical experience in designing and operating wastewater treatment plants.

It should not go unmentioned that this guideline does not only provide recommendations for the operators of wastewater treatment plants but also addresses government agencies with regard to safety threats and regulatory monitoring.
Ausgabe: Oktober 2012
Autor: Baumann, Dr.-Ing. Peter; Krauth, Karlheinz Prof. Dr.-Ing.; Maier, Werner Dr.-Ing.; Roth, Manfred Dr.
Format: A4
Gruppe: Municipal Wastewater Treatment
ISBN: 978-3-942964-15-9
Kategorie: Further Publications
Seitenzahl: 138
Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA
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