Modular Wastewater Training System - International Edition with 63 magnetic picture cards


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The Modular Wastewater Training System - International Edition is an innovative interactive training tool for hands-on learning of wastewater processes. It is listed as competition material for "WorldSkills" 2022, Skill 55 Water Technology.
Since 2010 the DWA Modular Wastewater Training concept has prooven itself very useful for teachers, trainers, students as well as operational staff. All the important stages of wastewater treatment are vividly depicted on 63 magnetic picture cards. On a flipchart or whiteboard you can quickly and easily “reconstruct“ the complex processes, test your knowledge or organize group work.
Your training system includes:
  • 63 Magnetic picture cards (DIN A6) for presentation on whiteboards. Each card is labeled discretely in English and has space to add the heading term in your language manualy.
  • User Manual (GB) with list of heading terms for the cards. Heading terms in further languages are available on the DWA product platform.
  • 1 Permanent marker to label the cards in your language.
  • 1 Workbook “Fit in Wastewater Technology?” with exercises and case studies
  • 2 Flashcard sets with 63 picture cards for group work learning and discussion of scenarios.
  • 5 Whiteboard markers enable you to draw material flows in your process diagrams.
  • 1 high quality transport case.
  • Extra: You will get access to the DWA product platform which contains further information such as video tutorials, videos 360° for exercises with VR glasses and the list of heading terms in further languages.

    Delivery time: 4 weeks
    Shipping costs on demand
    Size: 340 x 390 x 90 mm ; Weight: 3,25 kg

    Ausgabe: Oktober 2021
    Format: Sonderformat
    Gruppe: Interdisciplinary Publications
    Kategorie: Further Publications
    Sprache: English
    Verlag: DWA

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