Fit in wastewater technology? Revised Edition June 2021


Product number: FB-FIT E-21
This workbook was written by professionals for professionals. It is not a classic textbook. Achim Höcherl, an experienced trainer and expert, developed „Fit in Wastewater Technology“ based on his idea of the Modular Wastewater Training System. The aim of the tasks is - as with the Modular Training System - to achieve holistic learning. That means learning with all senses - with head, heart and hand. That way success comes faster and it stays.
This workbook is aimed at both trainers and trainees on their way to becoming a wastewater engineering technician. As an instructor, you will receive valuable help to prepare your trainees for exams and practice. You will get ideas for a lively design of the in-house lessons and for an effective use of the Modular Wastewater Training System. As a trainee, you get a good feeling for what you already know and what you have to practice again. You will become more familiar with „your“ wastewater treatment plant and - hopefully - have more fun learning for the exam and for your professional life.
Ausgabe: Juni 2021
Autor: Höcherl, Achim
Format: A4
Gruppe: Education
ISBN: 978-3-88721-961-1
Kategorie: Further Publications
Seitenzahl: 127
Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA
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