Standard DWA-A 199-1E - Service and Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems - Part 1: Service Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems - November 2011; check 2017 approved by experts


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Product number: A 199 T1E-14
Operators of wastewater facilities shall establish service and operating instructions tailored to their respective circumstances in order to adhere to the requirements especially of § 57 of the German Water Resources Management Law (WHG) and in order to meet the minimum requirements of the self-inspection or self-monitoring ordinances of Germany's federal states. Since the regulatory content of the service instructions for all types of wastewater facilities is predominantly indentical, Part 1 of this Standard is valid for the sewerage system including rainwater treatment facilities as well as for pumping stations and for wastewater treatment plants.
Ausgabe: Januar 2014
Format: A4
Gruppe: Municipal Wastewater Treatment
ISBN: 978-3-944328-47-8
Kategorie: Rules and Standards
Seitenzahl: 31
Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA
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