Standard DWA-A 125E - Pipe Jacking and Related Techniques - December 2008; including correction September 2020


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Product number: A 125E-08
This Standard deals with the underground installation of pre-fabricated pipes with different geometry of the cross-section. During the installation, a cavity is created in the ground by displacing, ramming, drilling, pressing or other installation. The pipes are pulled, pushed or pressed into this cavity or existing sewers or pipelines are passed and/or replaced. For shield drives (e. g. segment lining, shotcrete) the Standard can be applied correspondingly. To a large extent, the structure of this Standard was adapted to DIN EN 12889 “Trenchless construction and testing of drains and sewers“. Neither do this Standard and DIN EN 12889 exclude each other, nor do they regulate the same facts in different ways. However, this Standard contains details in many aspects that the European Standard does not yet deal with at this point. The publication has two annexes, “Material Parameters for Pipes” (normative) and “Experience Values for the Area of Application” (informative).
Ausgabe: Dezember 2008
Format: A4
Gruppe: Drain and Sewer Systems
ISBN: 978-3-941897-09-0
Kategorie: Rules and Standards
Seitenzahl: 69
Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA
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