DWA-A 100E - Guidelines of Integrated Urban Drainage (IUD) - December 2006


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Product number: A 100E-06
As a framework of action concerning the detailed regulations for urban drainage, this Standard is intended to
• contribute to sustainable wastewater disposal;
• enable the superior aim of reducing the interferences that result from urban drainage for the natural habitat of water bodies and other uses of water bodies;
• work towards a holistic view of the existing conditions and future developments and necessities for the purpose of the European Water Framework Directive;
• help to define aims, strategies and priorities for future measures involving urban drainage;
• support operators in developing a stable foundation for financial budgeting and in securing the drain and sewer systems' long-term maintenance of value.
In this way, the approach and further development of integrated urban drainage according to consistent guidelines as well as the coordination of the single topics are to be ensured. At the same time the recommended measures intend to systematically create scopes for a flexible selection of technical solutions, measures and constructional systems. The development, dimensioning and constructive design as well as the operation of measures and systems is respectively dealt with in individual guidelines within the rules and standards.
Ausgabe: Januar 2006
Format: A4
Gruppe: Drain and Sewer Systems
ISBN: 978-3-941089-71-6
Kategorie: Rules and Standards
Seitenzahl: 40
Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA
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