Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculations for selecting least-cost projects in Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal DCCC - Appraisal Manual for Project Designers - Based on Guidelines for the Application of Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculations (DCCC-Guidelines) German Working Group on Water Issues of the Federal States and the Federal Government - December 2011


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Product number: KVR-E-12
Ensuring value for money in public utilitymanagement, by following the principle of economic efficiency and cost consciousness, has always been a pivotal point for the water sector. This manual is an adopted version based on German standards, as documented in the regularly updated “Guidelines for the Application of Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculations (DCCC-Guidelines)“. Within the framework of the cooperation between DWA and several national water associations from Southeast Europe the idea was born to transfer German specialised knowledge in project design and delivery by working out an internationalised English version of the DCCC-Guidelines and by furthering their implementation and application in customized versions that would be in line with national specifics. To this end, DWA has launched a practice-oriented project with the financial support of the German Federal Environmental Foundation, DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt). Participation countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Senior experts from the above mentioned countries have participated in the process of putting in place and publishing the DCCC-Guidelines for water infrastructure projects. Incorporated have been all relevant issues in a clear and concise form which includes a number of real world examples.
Ausgabe: Dezember 2011
Format: A4
Gruppe: Economic Planning
ISBN: 978-3-941897-05-2
Kategorie: Further Publications
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Sprache: English
Verlag: DWA

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